18 Jan 2010

Fast Jewelcrafting levelling 1-450

Jewelcrafting isn't the cheapest option if you want to powerlevel a profession - but by cutting gems and making jewellery at higher levels, you'll be raking the cash in.

If you're going to be a jewelcrafter, consider the advantages of taking Mining as a second profession - all the ore for you to prospect or make items with. Enchanting is also a good option if you don't want to take a gathering profession as you'll be able to disenchant much of what you'll create and sell the materials on the Auction House.

What you'll need:
100 Copper Bar, 20 Tigerseye or 20 Malachite, 120 Bronze Bar (60 Copper Bar and 60 Tin Bar), 60 Shadowgem or 20 Shadowgem and 20 Small Lustrous Pearl, 80 Heavy Stone, 30 Moss Gate, 180 Mithril Bar, 25 Citrine, 20 Truesilver Bar, 5 Aquamarine, 60 Thorium Bar, 15 Star Ruby, 20 Large Opal, 10 Powerful Mojo or 10 Blue Sapphire, 10 Essence of Earth or 10 Essence of Undeath, 20 Huge Emerald, 60 green gems, 5 Adamantite Bar, 5 Mercurial Adamantite, 60 of either Bloodstone/Chalcedony/Dark Jade/Huge Citrine/Shadow Crystal/Sun Crystal, 5 Bloodstone, 46 Eternal Earth or 23 Eternal Earth and 23 Eternal Shadow, 7 Forest Emerald, 15 Skyflare Diamond or 15 Earthsiege Diamond

First, visit a trainer in one of the capital cities of Azeroth (Darnassus, Ironforge or Stormwind) - just ask a guard where they are if you don't already know - and learn Apprentice Jewelcrafting.
Skill level 1-30
30 x [Delicate Copper Wire] - 60 Copper Bar
Delicate Copper wire is needed for creating other items later on, so hang onto them.

Skill level 30-50
20 x [Tigerseye Band] - 20 Tigerseye, 20 Delicate Copper Wire

Visit your trainer again and learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting.

Skill level 50-80
50 x [Bronze Setting] - 100 Bronze Bar
Again, you'll need these settings in order to make other items, so don't sell them!

Skill level 80-100
20 x [Simple Pearl Ring] - 20 Small Lustrous Pearl, 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Copper Bar
20 x [Gloom Band] - 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Shadowgem, 40 Delicate Copper Wire
If silver bars are cheap at the Auction House on your server or you already have some, you can make [Ring of Silver Might] instead.

Skill level 100-110
10 x [Ring of Twilight Shadows] - 20 Shadowgem, 20 Bronze Bar

Skill level 110-120
10 x [Heavy Stone Statue] - 80 Heavy Stone

Skill level 120-150
30 x [Pendant of the Agate Shield] - 30 Moss Gate, 30 Bronze Settings
This design is sold by Neal Allen in the keep at Menethil Harbour.
Learn Expert Jewelcrafting from the trainer.

Skill level 150-180
65 x [Mithril Filigree] - 130 Mithril Bar
Again, you'll need these items to make other things with, so keep them.

Skill level 180-200
20 x [Engraved Truesilver Ring] - 20 Truesilver Bar, 50 Mithril Filigree

Back to the trainer - it's time to learn Artisan Jewelcrafting.

Skill level 200-220
25 x [Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing] - 25 Citrine, 50 Mithril Bar

Skill level 220-225
5 x [Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior] - 5 Aquamarine, 15 Mithril Filigree

Skill level 225-245
60 x [Thorium Setting] - 60 Thorium Bar

Skill level 245-260
15 x [Ruby Pendant of Fire] - 15 Star Ruby, 15 Thorium Setting

Skill level 260-280
20 x [Simple Opal Ring] - 20 Large Opal, 20 Thorium Setting

Skill level 280-290
There's a choice here:
10 x [Onslaught Ring] - 10 Powerful Mojo, 10 Essence of Earth, 10 Thorium Setting
10 x [Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night] - 10 Blue Sapphire, 10 Essence of Undeath, 10 Thorium Setting

Skill level 290-300
10 x [Emerald Lion Ring] - 20 Huge Emerald, 10 Thorium Setting

With your skill level at 300, you'll need to travel to Outland in order to learn Master Jewelcrafting from the trainer. Once you hit 300, jewelcrating is like no other profession in that you'll have hit a bottleck. Pretty much all of your crafting recipes will be yellow and so you have to rely a little bit on luck to make it through to 320. Sometimes you'll get the skill point firt time - but it could take a few attempts and so the materials you'll need may vary. In order to follow this part of the guide, just keep making the suggested gems until you hit the required level to move on.

Skill level 300-320

Skill level 320-325
[Bold Blood Garnet]

Skill level 325-335

Skill level 335-340

Next head for Hellfire Peninsula to find Tatiana to buy:

Skill level 340 - 350
10 x [Heavy Adamantite Ring] - 1 Adamantite Bar, 1 Mercirual Adamantite

When you hit 350, you can head for Northrend and learn Grandmaster Jewelcrafting from a trainer there.

Skill level 350 - 395

Skill level 395 - 400
Craft any 5 of the following:
[Bloodstone Band] - 5 Bloodstone, 10 Cristallyzed Earth
[Crystal Chalcedony Amulet] - 5 Chalcedony, 10 Cristallyzed Earth
[Crystal Citrine Necklace] - 5 Huge Citrine, 10 Cristallyzed Earth
[Sun Rock Ring] - 5 Sun Crystal, 10 Cristallyzed Earth

Skill level 400 - 420
You have a choice here:
23 x [Stoneguard Band] - 46 Eternal Earth
23 x [Shadowmight Ring] - 23 Eternal Earth, 23 Eternal Shadow

Skill level 420 - 425
Again, there's another bottleneck here - unless you want to start cutting meta gems (which can be very pricey) you have to keep making green-rated gems. You're not going to level up very quickly doing that, but on most servers at least Forest Emeralds are usually reasonably cheap compared to other gems.
7 x [Dazzling Forest Emerald] - 7 Forest Emerald

Skill level 425 - 440
At this point, you'll need to make meta gems. Choose any 15 you like that can be made out of [Skyflare Diamond] or [Earthsiege Diamond]. You can find the designs from a trainer, from Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran, from bosses and mobs around Northrend or on the Auction House. There's no easy way of doing it I'm afraid. Not only that, but once you've hit 440 skill, there's no point in taking it all the way to 450. You won't learn anything new and it'll cost you cash unnecessarily. But who am I to stand in your way? Feel free to ding the magic 450 if you really want to!

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