8 Feb 2010

Love's Fool bracelets

There's a method of farming [Lovely Charm Bracelets] that involves going into Ulduar and farming the dwarves from vehicles at the start - but if you want more fun and lots of charms to make bracelets with, here's a good spot to farm.

Frenzyhearts in Sholazar Basin have a little circle of guys who look at though they're training on a round piece of rock right here.

As a hunter, it was easy to send my pet in with misdirect on it, then Volley them all down and collect somewhere between five and ten [Lovely Charms] in seconds.

But the best thing? If you loot everything, then jump on your flying mount and head away they'll all respawn seconds later, meaning you can go back, rinse and repeat.

And at 20-30g a bracelet on my server, it's easy money!

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