30 Jan 2010

PUG-e-mon... gotta avoid them all!

Part two - Death Nabs

One Death Knight in a PUG usually makes me smell the sweet aroma of potential trouble, but when you get two... well, the opportunities for disaster rise exponentially.

So when I went along on a Violet Hold run and discovered both the tank and one of the DPS were Death Knights, both from the same guild on the same realm, I started wondering what I was in for.

But I didn't have to worry about it for long - both did the same amount of woeful damage (around 600-800DPS) compared to anybody else in the party. The pally healer could probably have facerolled Holy Shock and hit harder, frankly.

But I'm not a meter-Nazi and so I didn't say anything. VH is pretty easy, so who cares?

What troubled me was that they weren't competing as DPS. They were competing as tanks.

That became obvious when a portal opened on the left hand walkway and out rolled a blue dragonflight squad. Because we were waiting on the ground floor (waiting, I should say, for the tank to head up there), the squad split in two and came around each way to find us. Both DKs ran forward, one left, one right, and lay down their AoE. And death-gripped a mob each from the two half-squads. The remainder of the squad battered them, the other two DPS tried to kill the split mobs and the healer tried to divide his attention between the two. Predictably, the marked tank died. As did the DPS tank.

But what rankled, as I Feigned Death, watched the healer and warrior die and waited for it all to blow over, was their /p conversation lolling about who was the best tank.

Here's the answer... NEITHER OF YOU.

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