27 Jan 2010

PUG-e-mon... gotta avoid them all!

Part one - the desperate tank

There are times as a healer you have to feel hard-done-by. So far, I've managed to avoid the PUG curse which deals you dps-specced tanks or Death Noobs, but last night I finally found out why everybody told me healing 5-mans would be a bad idea on my pally alt.

We hit Culling of Stratholme, which I usually enjoy as a dps (spam Volley, anyone?), and within seconds the tank asked whether we could do [Zombiefest]. Everybody else said no, forget it - it's best to do that with a group you know. I have the achievement on my hunter, so I knew how tough it could be in a random group (I managed it eventually in a guild run).

Not to be denied, he tried pulling all of the zombies at the start... which quickly led to trouble. No deaths, but he was told it wasn't possible there as you can't pull the 100 zombies needed. The entire party told him again not to do it, and he agreed - albeit relucatantly.

So when we reached the end of the secret passage strung out in a line and he took off pulling every mob possible, comments ranged from "suicide" to "stupid". He managed to hit 25% health in seconds, I couldn't heal him as he was out of range and Line of Sight, and needless to say he died.

Followed by the rest of the group.

I left without comment. It's not that he tried and failed. It's not that he stupidly and needlessly ranged and LoSed me. It's that he lied about trying for it.

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