24 Jan 2010

Fast Mining levelling 1-450

Need to level your Mining profession up from 1 to 450? Just follow this guide. Mining is a gathering profession and a big earner – even Copper Ore goes for a decent amount because crafters don’t want to farm materials at low levels. The ore and metals serve three crafting professions: serves three professions: Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting, so if you have any of those as a secondary profession you could earn even more. And the fact all three are looking out for metals keeps prices fairly stable. There are all sorts of places to level by mining nodes – but this guide focuses on the best places with the most nodes.

What is essential if you want to level quickly is an addon which shows where the nodes are. Gatherer is good, personally I prefer Carbonite.

To start go to a trainer in any capital city in Azeroth – Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormwind or the Exodar. To find them, ask a guard. Once you reach the trainer, learn Apprentice Mining.

Skill level 1-65
[Copper Ore] - Dun Morogh, Elywnn Forest
When you have around 30 copper Ore, go and Smelt them and repeat the cycle, go mine ores then smelt them. Save the Copper Bars, you will need them.

Learn Mining Journeyman from a trainer.

Skill level 65-75
[Tin Ore], [Copper Ore] - Thousand Needles, Redridge Mountains
Tin can be a real pain to find – which is where your addon comes into play. You’ll find a lot of iron in the zones with Tin in, but you won’t be able to mine it yet.

Skill level 75-125

[Silver Ore] - Thousand Needles, Redridge Mountains
At 75, smelt the ores and use your Copper and Tin Bars to make Bronze Bars. At 75 you can learn how to smelt Silver Ore from a trainer. You can buy this from the Auction House and smelt it if you can afford it – or just mine Tin and Smelt Bronze until 125.

Learn Expert Mining from a trainer.

Skill level 125-175
[Iron Ore], [Tin Ore], [Gold Ore] - Arathi Highlands, Thousand Needles
At 155 learn to smelt Gold Ore from a trainer – if you can afford 30 and smelt them that will help you reach 175.
Skill level 175-245
[Mithril Ore], [Truesilver Ore] - The Hinterlands, Tanaris
At 230 head for a trainer learn to smelt Truesilver Ore to reach 225 quickly.
Skill level 245-300
[Thorium Ore] – Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands
At 250, you’ll be able to learn to smelt Thorium Bars – you can only mine small Thorium Veins until you hit 275, which is a real bottleneck. If you can, buy the enchantment [Enchant Gloves – Advanced Mining] as it’ll get you through this much more quickly.

Next, head for Outland to learn Master Mining from a trainer.

Skill level 300-325
[Fel Iron Ore] - Hellfire Peninsula
Skill level 325-350
[Adamantite Ore] – Nagrand

You’ve exhausted Outland’s mining possibilities – time to go to Northrend, find a trainer and learn Grand Master Mining.

Skill level 350-400
[Cobalt Ore] - Borean Tundra
Skill level 400-450
[Saronite Ore] - Sholazar Basin

Congratulations - you're a maxed-out miner! Now learn to smelt Titanium and Titansteel bars: Titansteel has a 20-hour cooldown but makes a lot of profit because it's in such short supply.

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